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RAS Online Offerings

RAS Online forms an integral part of our service offering and complements our electronic interaction with you. Using our partnership approach to doing business, we have assessed the needs of our clients and developed a user-friendly web front-end to ensure these needs are catered for.

We offer the following:

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  • Access to your account balances (current and historical)
  • View your current statement
  • View historical statements
  • Search functionality using multiple parameters
  • Quick Search capability
  • Detailed transaction reference information
  • Send a query linked (related) to a transaction
  • Check the status of your transaction
  • View the progress of your payments
  • Monthly MIS information
  • Monthly Non-STP information
  • View our STP rules
  • Yearly statistics available on multiple criteria
  • Graph your yearly statistics
  • Choose a user password expiry period that complies with your company policies
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